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Why is there condensation on my windows & what can I do to stop it?

Advice & Guidance, Glass Units & Condensation, West Midlands

Before we discuss condensation on the outside of your windows, we first want to clarify that condensation between your glass panes is a different circumstance and want to advise on this too.

If there is condensation in between your glass panes that stays there continuously this is usually due to the glass seals perishing. In this instance you can either have the glass resealed or replace the unit completely. At World of Windows Ltd, Stourbridge, we offer a competitively priced replacement service. The reason we advise replacement over repair is because there is not a large difference in the price between the two options and a repair could be required again in the future even once the unit has been resealed.

Now, moving on to condensation on the outside of your window / glass panes, this is caused by warmer air colliding with a cold surface or when humidity is too high.

When you upgrade your windows to more energy efficient ones, you may experience some condensation as a result of the windows doing their job; keeping the cold out and the warm in.

However, in terms of humidity, there are some things that can help reduce the condensation you’re experiencing in your home:

-          Dry your clothes outdoors rather than inside

-          Keep lids on pans when cooking to prevent moisture escaping

-          Close kitchen and bathroom doors to stop moisture moving to other parts of the home

-          Use an extractor fan in the bathroom when showering

-          Keep furniture away from external walls as it can affect airflow

We hope these tips help!

Contact us if you need to discuss any double glazing upgrades or glass unit replacements.

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